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HJ Media Consulting can help you improve your editorial & mission storytelling via video, text, social, mobile and live presentations–whether you are a pure publisher in news or lifestyle content, a mission-driven nonprofit, company, startup, entrepreneur or professional.

Informed by best practices, we strengthen content teams, online strategy, audience development and engagement, and events. We help leaders become better speakers. And we help you put it all together to create an editorial eco-system which expresses the power of your mission and grows your audience.

What people are saying

In my role as chair of a national industry association, Helen Jonsen’s experience in media coaching helped me lift my game as a public speaker–honing my on-stage presentations, vocal variations and command of an audience.
-- Scott Berger, President, Arista Air Conditioning Corp.
When we reorganized the edit department, Helen brought new direction on content franchises and social media integration that helped increase the amount we published without increasing budget. She had fresh ideas about our staffing and people management. I could discuss business goals as well as creative goals because of her integrated thinking. Helen is a fantastic resource!
-- Gretchen Grant, CEO Vila Media,
As an author about to sit for my first radio interview, in dire need of media coaching. Helen was brilliant at explaining the nuances of interview techniques, helping me to anticipate questions and craft answers that got my message across.
-- Barbara Dee, Author