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Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton

By helen / On November 10, 2015 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope


I heard an old-style phrase recently in a one-on-one meeting. We had looked at a company website where almost every face of leadership was a man. My colleague commented, “Not for anything, but they need a few more skirts.” Of course, I knew what he meant. “And that’s not all,” I commented, as it was […]

Content Strategy: Reuse & Recycle

By helen / On February 9, 2015 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

You already have great content and plans for more, but how can you get more out of what you’ve already created? Reuse and recycle! When I first started as editor of, the magazine was published eight times a year and then it dropped down to six. Up until then, most of the content on […]

How to create a well-written blog post

By helen / On November 1, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

You’ve set up a blog. You have a catchy name and great pictures. But now you must write posts regularly–once a day, once a week, one a month. Here are some tips to improve your writing and give it that professional polish. Write it and write it again. You have a great idea for a […]

The Multi-Screen Complex

By helen / On April 10, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

it seems a million years ago when the discussion of multi-plexes meant only a multiple screen movie theater complex where you watched a movie and bought popcorn. But now multi-screen viewing doesn’t mean choice of screens but how many screens you can view and/or use at the same time. The multiscreen complex is now in […]

Pinterest & Writers Among Us

By helen / On January 1, 2014 / In Media Kaleidoscope, Write Word. Right Time

2014 Note: This Pinterest board is updated regularly! While I was browsing through Pinterest one day, called there by a fun board by my friend Joanne Bamberger called “Binders Full of Women,” I thought it would be fun to create a pin board with my book covers, but then I thought I should add Joanne’s […]

Keeping Moments and Memories Alive

By helen / On January 1, 2013 / In Social Good

As moms, we’re already wired to do all we can to capture memories. We snap first steps, video school plays, document holidays and generally chase after our kids shouting “smile” until our own cheeks hurt. We do this because early on we learn that children are only children for a very short, fleeting period of […]

Power Up Weekend Continues to Inspire

By helen / On November 2, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Entrepreneurs are inspiring. They are often people with vision who see a problem and commit to proving a solution.  I met 50 or so entrepreneur women at Power Up weekend who were seeking ways to affirm their goals. Kristen Bocanegra, founder of Momme Meals, told the story of her ah ha moment to make meals that […]

It’s Serious Fun for Singer Natalie Merchant

By helen / On September 27, 2012 / In Social Good

Twenty-five years ago, Paul Newman, with the support of his wife Joanne Woodward and eventually all of his family, decided kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases deserved to “raise a little hell” and go somewhere where even very sick “kids could be kids.”  His vision became The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in […]

The First 2,000 Page Views Don’t Count

By helen / On August 7, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Large websites count traffic. They count it. They report it.  They measure page views and unique visitors.  They hope and believe that attached to every view is a real pair of eyes that came to their site organically for an authentic experience.  They hope and believe the reader came for their unique content. I sat […]

Explaining Health Care Insurance and Reform to Children

By helen / On June 6, 2012 / In Social Good

This was first published at Ballooning Nest Eggs. The Affordable Health Care Act affects family finances, but explaining that to kids can be complicated. Here Ballooning Nest Eggs contributor Helen Jonsen explains how to provide simple answers to complicated questions: You might think big concepts such as “affordable health care” and “constitutionality” wouldn’t weigh heavy on little […]