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Power of Diversity for a Stronger Business

By helen / On October 20, 2016 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope


Businesses which embrace diversity and inclusion have a stronger bottom line. Studies show, whether it’s more women on boards or more ethnic, religious, gender, generational or the inclusion of the differently abled, diversity brings opportunity.With that on their minds, “The Power of Diversity for a Stronger Business”  was the talking point at the Metropolitan Business […]

Story Behind HJ Media Logo

By helen / On September 16, 2016 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope


How many of you have initials side-by-side on a qwerty keyboard? I do and it has fascinated me from the time I was a child playing with my parents’ giant manual Underwood typewriter. It’s where my petit mother could type 100 words a minute without error. So my logo is a melding of old and […]

You Can’t Teach Curiosity

By helen / On May 3, 2016 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

A Scrabble Board with the word Curiosity and Teach

“You can’t teach curiosity,” I found myself saying to a colleague recently. We were discussing an inexperienced reporter who we wondered if we could help become a good journalist. As a career journalist and communicator, I often meet students and young journalists or consult with managers who either want to improve the quality of their […]

Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton

By helen / On November 10, 2015 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope


I heard an old-style phrase recently in a one-on-one meeting. We had looked at a company website where almost every face of leadership was a man. My colleague commented, “Not for anything, but they need a few more skirts.” Of course, I knew what he meant. “And that’s not all,” I commented, as it was […]

Content Strategy: Reuse & Recycle

By helen / On February 9, 2015 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

You already have great content and plans for more, but how can you get more out of what you’ve already created? Reuse and recycle! When I first started as editor of WorkingMother.com, the magazine was published eight times a year and then it dropped down to six. Up until then, most of the content on […]

How to create a well-written blog post

By helen / On November 1, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

You’ve set up a blog. You have a catchy name and great pictures. But now you must write posts regularly–once a day, once a week, one a month. Here are some tips to improve your writing and give it that professional polish. Write it and write it again. You have a great idea for a […]

The Multi-Screen Complex

By helen / On April 10, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

it seems a million years ago when the discussion of multi-plexes meant only a multiple screen movie theater complex where you watched a movie and bought popcorn. But now multi-screen viewing doesn’t mean choice of screens but how many screens you can view and/or use at the same time. The multiscreen complex is now in […]

Hope & Heroes: Helping Kids with Cancer

By helen / On April 27, 2012 / In HJ Media News, Social Good

Instead of me posting about this wonderful cause, I am reposting a blog written by my friend, The Mother Geek, Jeanne Garbarino, who is a  passionate scientist/communicator, a Metro-North commuter (that’s how we met) and working mom. She writes at Double X Science. Good Deeds, Good Science: Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund A few […]

The Economy. Jobs. Housing. Help?

By helen / On February 13, 2012 / In HJ Media News

This is the final post I wrote at workingmother.com. Jan. 25, 2012–It’s the day after President Obama’s State of the Union speech. The pundits had their say. The Republicans in Congress and the candidates have had theirs. And today the Federal Reserve chimed in acknowledging that theeconomy is expanding “moderately” and because of that interest […]