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To Speak Well: Listen, Breathe and Read

By helen / On January 11, 2018 / In Media Kaleidoscope


If you go to work every day, then you speak for a living. Every person who must greet another in the course of their day whether in person or over the phone is a public speaker and needs to speak well.  Sometimes we don’t think we are. At the same time, the companies or public […]

Halfway Normal: A September Story and How You Can Help

By helen / On September 11, 2017 / In Media Kaleidoscope, Social Good

childhood cancer hospital

September is… For 10 years now, I have written blogs and op-eds beginning with those words and what follows is usually something like this. September is when most children are settling into a new school year, but for some children, those 16,000 who are diagnosed each year with childhood cancer, September is different. They may […]

Exercise Your Writing Muscles: Mini Writing Moments

By helen / On May 29, 2017 / In Media Kaleidoscope, Uncategorized

A little logo with a typewriter and typewritten words "Just My Type." Writing.

Do you commute on public transportation, with long rides and time to yourself?  It’s a perfect time to capture a moment in writing. Whether it’s tapped out on your phone in the notepad or doodled in a beautifully bound notebook, write down an observation or a feeling, thought or reflection about the news or something […]

Nuts or Not? Better Speech Will Help You Get Ahead

By helen / On January 30, 2017 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Bread with text "Sometimes you have to leave out the nuts."

There is nothing worse than apologizing for your point of view before you make it. “Sorry, I don’t believe that will work. Basically, I mean, we should bake banana bread without nuts. Ya know?  I mean, nuts can be soooo dangerous. Sorry, it’s just so, I mean, bad for so many people…” Wouldn’t that statement […]

Be as Powerful as the President*

By helen / On January 11, 2017 / In Media Kaleidoscope

President Obama at podium

In *President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago, he showed how powerful words can be. For anyone with an upcoming speech or presentation, his farewell address proved to be a master class in oratory, at once down to earth and soaring, practical and aspirational. His cadence, timing, and vocal variation were spot on. “It is […]

Power of Diversity for a Stronger Business

By helen / On October 20, 2016 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope


Businesses which embrace diversity and inclusion have a stronger bottom line. Studies show, whether it’s more women on boards or more ethnic, religious, gender, generational or the inclusion of the differently abled, diversity brings opportunity.With that on their minds, “The Power of Diversity for a Stronger Business”  was the talking point at the Metropolitan Business […]

Mission Storytelling: Powerful Stories That Move Us

By helen / On October 10, 2016 / In Media Kaleidoscope, Social Good


Great charities have great stories. Does yours? Great stories come in multiple shapes and sizes. But they all have a few common foundational points: they are compelling and engaging, they are moving and seductive. They show vision or illustrate mission. The first level of storytelling is often “The Founder’s Story.” It’s the “how it all […]

What Speakers Can Learn from the Clinton-Trump Debate

By helen / On September 27, 2016 / In Media Kaleidoscope


People watch debates for many reasons. Some to measure the platforms of the candidates against each other. Some to see how they think on their feet as questions are thrown at them by the moderator or their opponent. Others watch for sport, watching two gladiators in the arena. And still others watch as a backdrop […]