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How Good is Your Social IQ?

By helen / On March 29, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

As social media rages around us, clients from the consumer space and B2B are pushing their agencies and marketers to find the latest and the greatest, most creative and targeted social media program ever!  For content providers, like publishers, television and radio creators, social media has become part of the content offering, not just a […]

Diving in with Women in Tech

By helen / On March 26, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

I spent two days immersed in the business side of new media with the deep thinkers who come up with the ideas to create apps and web-based businesses, and the content that goes with them, who change and affect our lives, most of them women. I attended the BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference in the heart of […]