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Digital Media: What is Content?

By helen / On July 18, 2016 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Newspapers, magazines and online content on a tablet showing the types of digital media content available

After speaking about “content” one day, a colleague remarked: “I hate that word ‘content! So vanilla. I mean, what does it mean anyway?” Good question. Maybe. There was a time when people simple wrote and that writing took printed or spoken forms. They were authors of books, newspaper reporters, magazine writers or playwrights. Some were […]

How to create a well-written blog post

By helen / On November 1, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

You’ve set up a blog. You have a catchy name and great pictures. But now you must write posts regularly–once a day, once a week, one a month. Here are some tips to improve your writing and give it that professional polish. Write it and write it again. You have a great idea for a […]

The Multi-Screen Complex

By helen / On April 10, 2014 / In HJ Media News, Media Kaleidoscope

it seems a million years ago when the discussion of multi-plexes meant only a multiple screen movie theater complex where you watched a movie and bought popcorn. But now multi-screen viewing doesn’t mean choice of screens but how many screens you can view and/or use at the same time. The multiscreen complex is now in […]

It’s Serious Fun for Singer Natalie Merchant

By helen / On September 27, 2012 / In Social Good

Twenty-five years ago, Paul Newman, with the support of his wife Joanne Woodward and eventually all of his family, decided kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases deserved to “raise a little hell” and go somewhere where even very sick “kids could be kids.”  His vision became The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in […]

Ballooning Nest Eggs

By helen / On June 5, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Update: As of July, 2012, I moved from being the active GM to a role on the advisory board when I accepted my position at Touchstorm.  See later posts. When I returned from BlogHer Entrepreneurs, I felt bitten by the entrepreneur bug. I had a taste of the excitement of creating a digital product from […]

Alliance for Women in Media

By helen / On June 3, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

Professional organizations offer opportunity to connect in a casual manner and build lasting relationships. Opportunities to learn and network abound. Currently, I belong to the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) and Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) which celebrates it’s 100 anniversary this year (2012). Funny, my other membership is also 100 this year: […]

How Good is Your Social IQ?

By helen / On March 29, 2012 / In Media Kaleidoscope

As social media rages around us, clients from the consumer space and B2B are pushing their agencies and marketers to find the latest and the greatest, most creative and targeted social media program ever!  For content providers, like publishers, television and radio creators, social media has become part of the content offering, not just a […]